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                               तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय !

“We should aim at dispelling ignorance and promoting knowledge"

Thus goes the 8th Commandment of the Arya Samaj. DAV is all about bringing the light of knowledge to each and every household of this great nation. We at DAV School, Haripura aim at imparting knowledge as a value, life skills as an art of living and patriotism as a way of life to our students. 

Our endeavor here in Haripura will be to enable the students of the region such that they are able to compete with the students of metropolitan cities.

With the blessings of our seniors at DAV CMC, LMC of DAV School Haripura and elders from various fields, we will strive to fulfill the dreams that the founders of this DAV School and local residents had in their eyes.

And our motto always will be 

“Excellence Has No Limits”

Smita Sharma Narang